FOR SALE - 1967 16’ Correct Craft Mustang

Regular price $15,000.00

Makers of the Ski Nautique has many co-branding adventures with popular auto makers in the 60’s and 70’s. What better combination than the worlds hottest inboard ski boat and the worlds most popular muscle car the Ford Mustang. 

The CC Mustang has a Mustang dashboard that resembles the car complete with the famous chrome Mustang figure, steering wheel and foot throttle all backed up by a powerful Ford 302 V8 inboard. 

The rumble and roar from the open exhaust is a sound that just can’t be beat and the boat. 

At 32 MPH this is a great slalom boat and at 10MPH it puts off a decent wave for surfing. 

Done water sports for the day?  Cruising the lake at idle is like rolling down Main Street on Saturday night in a classic muscle car.